All of the data that really matters when you are considering a new loan for your business in a simple user interface. Take Mutui to the bank with you and make better decisions.


The advantages of Mutui

Mutui is a financial web app for companies. It provides relevant stats and graphs to business owners and managers who are about to ask for a new loan.

Mutui surprises for its simplicity, a easy to read and navigate interface provides vital information on the global dept for  companies which have different loans with various institutes.

Mutui helps you making better business financial choises for your company when you are contracting a new loan. It keeps track of all the data that matters about your actual and future loans.

You can easily perform quick and effective analysis and previsions from your phone or tablet.

Mutui is a web app in cloud and you can use it for every device. It was time for a user friendly app for your loans.


All the data that matters

Easy to use

Works with Smartphone, Tablet, Mac, e Windows

It's in Cloud

Helps managers and business owners focus on what's important


Banks and Mutui

Credit Institutes can now help their customers taking informed choises easily when contracting a new loan.

Offer Mutui to your customers as an accessory service to your credit plans. They will visualize all of the infomation about their financial status in a clear interface right on the spot.  Mutui has the power to speed up the negotiation and  helps banks building better relationships with the customers.

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