Managing more than one shop under various brands it’s now easier

StoreD app, different management softwares for companies interact in a single UI in cloud

Cut the costs of administration management for your company. All of the data coming from each store in a single platform, enriched with complete statistic information and resumes.

StoreD is a new multistore management web app for managers and business owners that works under the name of different brands with various management softwares.

You can continue to use the specific brand management software in the stores but having the global vision on what’s happening with StoreD app. StoreD works with Smartphone,Tablet,Mac and PC.

The new Damacon’s web app helps you improve the ROI of your business by global strategy optimization.

You will have easy access to all the data you need to understand strenghts and wiknesses for every shop and develope more informed strategies.




In depth analisis reports for global scenario

Full reports for each shop

Comparative analysis between shops

All of the data about sales

Detailed reports for revenue

Hours worked by employes

Exchange of documents in cloud

Multistore management simplified

 Manage all of the data coming from the different stores and easily focus on what really matters for your business strategy thanks to the simple interface, intuitive graphs and complete reports.

Stored app agglomerate all of the data coming from independent management softwares in a single app in cloud for you to use it when and how you want.

Your business growht has a new ally:  Stored App


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