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Simplyfing business management since 13 Years

Company 1

Maintain your digital systems fast and efficient

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Company 2

A faster business growth with System Integration

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When companies don’t find a management software that fits their needs they ask Damacon.

We combine software and harware starting from customers’ needs to help you reach new goals thgrough inovative management instruments.

Tell us your goals and we’ll provide a solution to reach it.





Company 3

Speeding up Business tasks with personalized Software and Apps

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We are always informed on last technology and for over 13 years we’re specializing to provide applications to our customers wich integrates frictionless with the existing digital structure of the company.

With our multiplatform sofwares you will be able to acces management software and apps made for your specific needs from every device



Company 4

Making Companies and Homes Smarter

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From over 10 years we specialize in making tecnology easier to use.

Day after day we improved our capacity to understant the tolerance rate to tech for every customer.

We guarantee a level of automation for your home and office that perfectly match your desired lifestyle.

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Company 4

Management softwares and apps: Stored e Mutui

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Damacon just launched two apps to help managers and business owners.

We focused on putting all of the data that matters in a simple interface, as we use to do.

StoreD: easily manage administration and billing of various stores from different brands in a single interface.

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Mutui: Evaluate news scenarios  for  company’s loans it’s now easier thanks to Mutui.

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Company 3

Taking care of all you data management

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We developed a notable experience in  integrating all of the most known  Databases in a new solution that fits with customers’ needs.

Data management can be complex nowadays, our purpose is to lead you to a simple and optimized data management

Abbiamo sviluppato una grande esperienza nella progettazione e integrazione dei principali Database sul mercato. We also realize migrations to Cloud.

La gestione di Data può essere complessa, il nostro scopo è quello di condurre il cliente a una gestione di dati semplice e ottimizzata.


 IT partner you can trust


Damacon was born in  Rome as a System Integrator in 2006. We specialize in software developement, data management, home automation and consulting.

During these years the company developed a strong connection with the territory. The high degree of customers’ satisfaction  it’s been generating a powerfull word of mouth between ours customers. Word of mouth still represent our best growth engine and we are setting to continue to do so offering great management softwares and services.

Our staff si trained daily to offer on of the highest quality service on italian market, the high standards is our signature, the same that we are bringing to new markets.

Damacon is about to launch to new business management apps in Europe: StoreD e Mutui.

Stored and Mutui make business manager’s life easier. Discover more.


Quick answers for your specific needs

Easy to use solutions

Highly skilled Team

A reliable long-term Partner

Registered at MiSE as an Innovation manager

Your full satisfaction is our priority

Express your need to our experts and we will put our competence at your service

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Via Vincenzo Bellini 22
00198,Roma Italy


+39 06 521 0369

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