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The advantages of a smart home

Finally coming home, it was a busy day at work the garden’s lights are welcoming you lighting the route to the door.

You continue walking on the alleyway, you are getting closer to your reign. You put your finger close to the door, you prefer living withouy keys.

When you open the door you can clearly feel it, it’s yours pizza smell, it’s almost done, you turned the hoven up with your phone before leaving the office.

Today’s disturbing weather it’s already behind your shoulders. The temperature is just perfect, the same as usual, your favorite. Your Smart Home knows when you are coming back and prepare itselfe for your arrival. You set the temperature one week ago from your tablet, while managing general settings for the house.

Finally home! Stop worrying, everything is already as you want. The door closed itself behind you, the alarm is on. You are safe, in your reign!

Welcome to the automated house by Damacon.


Your house is more secure

Control your technology with just a click

Easy to use

Saves you time in everyday life

Integrate voice control

Reduce waste for cheaper bills

Ideal for smart phone and tablet

Highly adaptable to your specific needs


A new idea of comfort

The automation of houses and working places ridefines today’s idea of comfort in everyday life. It allows  residential and businesses to save while being more comfortable and safe.

The implications of home automation are going to have a big impact on our lifestyle quality. Reach a new level of comfort for yourself and your family with Damacon.



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