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What we do

We help businesses along their growht route.We optimize and fasten the company work flow with global IT solutions.

When you choose Damacon you stop worrying about  digital security, management software, automation and data management to focus on your business growth!

We offer simple solutions for hard tasks. Passion for innovation and capability to think out of the box make us the right choise for highly customized IT solutions.

Damacon provides software for business and a full range of digital services perfectly aligned with the specific needs of every single customer.


The informatic services Damacon offers

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Always up and running! Keep your IT infrastructure safe and efficient

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Existing pieces of software and hardware combined in innovative ways for new purposes: System Integration

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A good  communication flow between softwares and apps for business management make the daily tasks faster and allows business owners to reduce costs.

We put in communication software and hardware instruments differents by nature to create new management solutions which integrate frictionless in the digital package already owned by the company.



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Customized management software and Apps

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Damacon design and develope apps or client server based in Windows, Ios and Android environments.

Business scenarios can differ a lot one from each other and in a few cases it’s impossible to find on the market existing apps that fit perfectly with the needs of every company.

For more than ten years we are being the go to company for custoers who are looking for customized management solutions.

We became experts in understanding the company’s specific needs and translate it into easy to use apps and softwares.

Manage all of the technology for home and business from smartphone or tablet

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You can control all the tech you have at home or  in your office with a single click without losing the opportunity of doing so the old way.

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Sofware e App gestionali: Stored e Mutui

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 Ours latest management web apps:

StoreD: It’s made for companies that own various shops with different brands.

Stored makes the admninistration easier and cheaper, it also facilitate the strategic analysis of business results.

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it’s the easy to use web app wich help the managers to take accurate decisions while studing the possibility of a new loan.

All of the data you should focus on in a simple and intuitive interface

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Datatabase e Data conversion

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Digital adquisition of images, form processing an backfiles with::


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